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Novu Assists Plans with NCQA MEM Standards Requirements

Novu assists plans with MEM1, MEM2 Standards

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Member Connection Standards for Health Plans (MEM Standards) require health plans to be scored for all product lines, including Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and Exchange products. Novu is committed to helping its health plan customers better comply with these NCQA standards and can satisfy MEM1 and MEM2 standards, as well as impact the MEM6 and MEM8 standards.

Taking An Engaging Role in Immune System Health

best flu prevention

Flu season typically peaks from December to February—and the CDC is advising that this year’s may be particularly bad.  

Novu Pursuing Quality Certification

NCQA certification for Novu

The ACA has mandated the need for quality care in today’s health system, which has historically been judged on the number of consumers served rather than how well those consumers were served. Those plans participating in the public exchanges, for example, will have to report quality measures on all of their enrollees beginning next year. Tools and technologies that serve the health system need to be held to these same quality standards in order to add to the quality equation—rather than subtract from it with more inefficiency.

Novu’s Diabetes Prevention Program Proves Effective & Cost-Efficient


Back in July we announced the availability of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), a digitally delivered National Institute of Health protocol through the Novu platform. Novu’s DPP addresses the growing type 2 diabetes epidemic in America for our clients. Today, our initial customer pilot has come to a close, and we’re pleased to share the results.

Novu and Delta Dental of Minnesota Team Up to Engage Members


We are pleased to announce a new partnership today! Novu will be teaming up with Delta Dental of Minnesota, one of the largest providers of dental benefits in the Upper Midwest, to engage members in oral health practices and better overall health.

Diabetes Management Program Design (New Infographic)

Diabetes Program Design

Diabetes prevention and mitigation requires programs that combine the latest technology, as well as a unique approach to content design. By looking at technology and content design holistically rather than individually, patients and members currently facing or at risk of developing diabetes can be better equiped to change outcomes and lead healthier lives.

CMS Takes Another Big Step In Rewarding Plan Members

CMS Novu Rewards

In another first for the public insurance market, CMS announced earlier this summer that Plans can include information about Reward and Incentive Programs, such as those offered by Novu, in marketing materials.  As such, Plans thinking about their marketing efforts for open enrollment have a strong opportunity to highlight the differentiating aspects of Rewards and Incentives to increase acquisition and retention rates. Open enrollment begins October 15, so there’s still time to add this to your strategy.

NFP, Leading Employee Benefits Distributor, Selects Novu as Preferred Vendor


Today, Novu announced that NFP has selected the company as a preferred vendor. Novu was selected based on the breadth, depth and return on investment its engagement platform provides to the nation’s most innovative employers and health care companies. Through Novu, NFP’s employer customers can empower employees with effective tools that support, educate, and incent them toward lifestyle choices and behaviors, which improve their physical, emotional and financial health.

Sleep Health As A Foundation Of Overall Health And Engagement

ch prog sleep

As research continues to uncover the keys to good health and disease prevention, sleep is emerging as fundamental to essentially every process in the body. At the same time, sleep-related difficulties are on the rise, with 50-70 million Americans reporting a diagnosable sleep disorder such as sleep apnea or insomnia. And many of us have experienced the difficulties with focus and energy after a night spent tossing and turning.

Novu Introduces Member-Created Challenges


Since the earliest days of Novu’s health engagement platform, we have included challenges as a way to keep fitness fresh and fun for our members. Currently, we release a new set of challenges on a weekly basis that allow our members to focus on a particular aspect of their health that ties back to our larger health programs. For example, the 1-Day Make Your Bed Challenge helped members see that small, habitual tweaks in their lifestyle can be the first step in making a big change, while the 7-Day Awesome Arms Challenge highlighted arm workouts perfect for toning and sculpting.

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